L'Orangerie du Châter

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About us

I am an ex "agrégé" teacher of English (associate teacher - High School and University) as well as a fully qualified analyst-programmer.
I taught English for nearly 40 years and taught Computer Science as a secondary subject for nearly 15 years.
I was a teaching coach for nearly 35 years and I still lead seminars and teaching training sessions for English teachers; I specialise in the use of films and video clips as well as the use of IT in the English class.
I also belong to "thinktank" groups dedicated to these subjects.

As an "auto-entrepreneur" (freelancer) (No SIRET : 512-973-389-00012) I can offer :

  • training courses (1. to learn English - 2. for English teaching - 3. on how to use computers)
  • IT solutions tailored to your needs (creating and maintaining websites - software engineering)

These courses and IT solutions target both individuals and small businesses

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free estimate by filling in the contact form which you will find in the main menu.


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